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MOMENTIVE RTV 108 Sealant White Silicone

Basic Information

Adhesive Type:Silicone
Delivery:7-15 Days
Shipping From:China

MOMENTIVE RTV 108 Sealant White Silicone

aitu RTV108 is a one-component, condensation-curable electronic silica gel that can be used directly with a versatile silicone adhesive sealant. Momentive RTV108 is exposed to atmospheric humidity at room temperature to form a tough, durable, resilient silicone rubber.


1. Temperature, cold resistance: can be used in the range of -50 ℃ – +250 ℃, and will not lose rubber elasticity;

2. Adhesion: the metal, glass, plastic, etc. can play an excellent adhesion;

3. Electrical: the most suitable for the temperature and humidity changes in the environment can play a stable electrical appliances, electronic machinery insulation approved; also has excellent impact resistance, drug resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, waterproof, air tightness Features Flame Retardant Silicone Rubber.

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