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Cemedine SX720B Adhesive Silicone Adhesive for electrical components

Basic Information

Adhesive Type:Silicone
Delivery:7-15 Days
Shipping From:China

Cemedine SX720B Adhesive Silicone Adhesive for electrical components

Brand: Cemedine

Model: SX720B

Colour: white, black

Packing: 200 g, 333 ml


1. The flame retardant (UL94V – O decided)

2. Single fluid type, room temperature humidity hardened elastic adhesive

3. The quick drying, glue at the beginning of 20 minutes, suitable for all kinds of adhesive materials, good weather resistance.

4. The use of safe, environmental protection.

5. Excellent electrical properties, waterproof.

Used in electronic components and institutions in the design of the caulking and then available type one-component product operation because of one-component is easy to use, does not need to mix., colloid corrosion itself does not contain ingredients.

1. The storage stability, easy to use

2. Rapid curing, good strength

3. Resistant to chemicals and solvents

After curing for general solvents and chemicals has good low resistance

4. The hardening at room temperature without heating or buy equipment

5. Short curing time, reduce inventory accumulation

6. Single-fluid model does not need to mix

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